The story of fiasco


Chef India Fiasco

 Georgia native, Chef India Fiasco's love for cooking began over 5 years ago while in pilot school. Her passion has grown tremendously and now has evolved to her own line of spices: Flavor of Fiasco.

Chef Fiasco's food and cooking style derive from her Cuban background while incorporating a Spanish/American flare. Chef India has acquired knowledge and skills through her own initiative rather than formal training.  Through her extensive love for traveling and prestigious clientele, Chef India Fiasco is here for any food needs your taste buds desire. 

Chef India Fiasco’s attribution  that she vows to is: “I use cooking to show women that we are blessed with God-given traits, it just takes you to be self-motivated and never let anyone tell you, you are doing too much.”

We now introduce to you Flavor of Fiasco, we hope you enjoy!